Not just poetry, that is the Paddle Outlet way.

Looking to gear up for that kayak fishing trip? Paddle Outlet have high-end products like the BOTE Rackham or Aquaglide Blackfoot that are crafted to improve your angling. Going a bit further, paddling around the next cove or river bend? Get there faster in the Aquaglide Chelan or add the APEX Pedal Drive to the BOTE Lono  and go hands-free. Paddle Outlet UK have quality, durable, innovative brands that will increase your time and enjoyment on the water. If you want cheap single-use products, that’s not us, for everything else head to Paddle Outlet.

We focus on high-quality products, and we’re looking forward to showing people the difference in the premium brands we stock that will really enhance their time on the water. Ireland is full of water sports enthusiasts with loads of fantastic locations to get on the water, and Paddle Outlet wants to support that by being at the very first Ireland on the Water Expo.

We focus on premium packages and our promotions are made around getting you on the water with all the right gear. Our premium brands sell on features rather than price but we do like to give the customers as much value as we can.

We will bring similar specials to the show to our current promos we’re offering online, such as a free KULA when you purchase a Bote HD Aero SUP. Also when you spend £500 and add a £50 gift card to your basket, the £50 gift card will be discounted to £0. We also have a competition running where one lucky winner will win an Aquaglide Blackfoot 130 Package! All can be found on Paddle Outlet.

We will hold a range of products and let people interact with the SUPs and kayaks to see how they work. It is a great opportunity for people to see all the add-ons that go with equipment which allows people to tailor-make a product to suit all of their paddle needs. Kayaks such as the Lono, which has the Apex Pedal Drive for ease which keeps you moving forward (or backwards) and keeps your hands free for fishing or taking a break from paddling, and the Aquaglide Blackfoot which is a fully equipped angling kayak will be at show.