As the keen paddlers that we are, we like to stay on the water all year round, but we still strive to stay dry during the colder months if at all possible. We turn to one of the many trusted favourites to keep us out on the wet stuff, but out of the wet stuff, here we go…

The Navarro range from Aquaglide is an excellent choice if you’d prefer to stay dry this winter. The Navarro 110 has a closed hull which works hard to keep you dry, and a unique pontoon style hull; this combined with the drop-stitch hard-bottom floors puts focus on both stability and comfort. This is a great option if you are a solo kayaker and want something to use all year round.

The Navarro conveniently comes in three different sizes, so there is something to suit your paddling needs. You might be partial to a day or even multi-day stint of touring where you will need supplies, such as snacks, liquids or possibly even camping equipment. In this case you could opt for the Navarro 130 which boasts more room than its smaller sibling, the Navarro 110. And of course, for those who paddle with their buddies, there is the Navarro 145 which is a two-seater but can also be used as a solo kayak if you really do need all the room you can get for your paddling adventures.

Both the Navarro 130 and 145 are convertible kayaks. They can be used as either open decks or sit-in kayaks, as zip-on deck covers for the larger sizes are available. This is a perfect and versatile option for the colder months, or rainier, more choppy days, the hull is covered and therefore keeping you dry! And that’s not all, the Navarro 145 has the option of a single AND a tandem zip-in cover hull depending on what you’ve got on the agenda that day.

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